Using UX Research to Your Advantage (Part 2)

benefits and techniques of user experience research

Since I covered information on UX research last week, I want to talk briefly about its benefits and techniques that can come in handy.

Benefits of a UX Research

1) Ability to design products and services to satisfy customer needs.  A good UX research prevents companies from improvising; therefore, reducing costs significantly.

2) You can detect product or service issues on time.  Rather than compromising the customer’s UX, you can make the necessary improvements and move forward.

3) Identifying new opportunities and customer needs is much easier through UX research.  Remember, we live in a world where consumer trends change almost on a daily basis.

4) It gives you insights to how the user perceives and responds to your product or service.  You can use it to measure customer satisfaction.

UX Research Techniques

1) User Testing Platforms: there are plenty of online platforms where users are given specific tasks to test everything from mobile apps and websites to prototypes.  Both the user interaction and opinions are recorded to extract insights.

2) Surveys and Analytics: you can design different types of surveys to collect feedback on user experience.  For example, if you want to gain information on customer perception, you could ask questions related on usability, functionality and trustworthiness.

3) Focus Groups and Interviews: both conducted in an informal setting.  These can be a good source of insights on products and services.

It’s a great idea to conduct this type of research.  Feel free to reach out if you need help with your UX research.